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Design, craft and quality have been the features of Turati T4 in the past. In recent years the identity of the offered product is paired with technical innovation based on technology and good conditions for environment.

Through an electronic control board Cromocol technology allows choosing the lighting colour within a wide range of shades. Or Triplo programme using an intelligent micro hole arrangement allows diffusing the audio from the HI-FI system or TV set through micro holes that will not impair neither quality nor power.

The piece of item is equipped with a small front sensor operating as transmitter inside the cabinet for all the remote controls units in use.
Turati T4 presents an absolute new solution for the living area: a set incorporating and hiding the whole audio/video system and equipped with a HD projector to turn a wall or a special panel into a maxi screen.

Audio and video quality is assured with the best available components and from the micro hole system typical of Triplo, that allow sound to pass through the cabinet panes without impairing quality or power.

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